Johnson’s Willow: Update/Poetry Competition

As mentioned on our main page on Johnson’s Willow, the current, Fourth incarnation of Johnson’s Willow has been suffering from decay; its condition now means that it will sadly have to be felled in mid-August 2021. The Johnson Society has, however, been working closely with Lichfield District Council to safeguard the future of this most historic tree, and a new, Fifth Johnson’s Willow, grown from a cutting of its predecessor, will be planted on the same site beside Stowe Pool at a ceremony in November 2021. The District Council’s press release announcing these arrangements can be accessed here.

To celebrate the planting of the new tree, the Johnson Society is running an open competition to find the best original poem about Johnson’s Willow, which will be read out at the planting ceremony in November, and published by the Johnson Society. All entries – which should be between 14 and 30 lines in length – must be submitted by Sunday, 15 August 2021. Full details and rules of the competition can be found here. Poets are warmly invited to enter – good luck to all!

The Fourth Willow, 27 May 2021 (photo © John Winterton)